Park rules


1. General provisions
These rules (hereinafter - the Rules) govern the Rauboniy amusement park, which belongs to the company MB "Rauboniy fun" 305690234, MB ,,Rauboniy entertainment inc. 305692438, MB "Raubonii attractions" incl. 305145999, MB ,,Shokliukas incl. 305757882 (hereinafter - the Park) and the territory adjacent to the Park, the order of visitor service and the use and behavior of the facilities located in the Park, mandatory safety, hygiene and other requirements for visitors, their rights, duties and liability limits, as well as the Park operator (hereinafter - the Operator) rights and responsibilities. The rules of the Park are made in order to ensure a pleasant rest for every visitor, a good mood in the Park and to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, injuries or other losses.
1.1. A visitor to the Park is every person in the Park who has purchased a ticket, received a permit or entered the Park in another way determined by the Operator (hereinafter referred to as the Visitor). The legal relationship between the Visitor and the Operator is regulated by these Rules and applicable legal acts.
1.2. The Operator grants the Visitor the right to be and have fun in the Park only in accordance with the provisions of the Rules. Every Visitor, who has purchased a ticket and entered the Park, automatically confirms that he is familiar with the internal rules of the Park and undertakes to abide by them unconditionally.
1.3. There are no rules Operator's offer to conclude a contract (oferta). The act of the visitor, when he familiarizes himself with these Rules by signing, is an offer (oferta) to conclude the Agreement under these conditions. In turn, the act when the Operator or his authorized person issues a control stamp (hereinafter - the Stamp) to the Visitor is recognized as acceptance. The Stamp is placed on the hand by the Employee himself, in such a way that the Stamp does not interfere with the Visitor's entertainment. The operator or his authorized person is not obliged to accept the submitted proposal (offer). These Rules and other circumstances cannot be considered as an instruction or confirmation that the Offer expressed by the Visitor will be accepted. The moment when the Stamp is issued to the Visitor is considered the moment of conclusion of the Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement).
1.4. For persons under 18 years of age, the Agreement is concluded and signed by a legal representative (parents, guardians, etc.) on the list of persons familiar with the Rules. This representative is fully responsible for the accompanied person under the age of 18, including, but not limited to, responsibility for property and non-pecuniary damage caused to the accompanied person and the accompanied person, health and safety of the accompanied person.
1.5. Persons over the age of 18 conclude the Agreement and familiarize themselves with the Rules themselves. A person under the age of 18 is introduced to the rules by a legal representative (parent, guardian, etc.), expressing consent to conclude the Agreement, is signed by a legal representative (parents, guardians, etc.) or a consent signed by a representative in the form prescribed by the Operator is submitted.
1.6. The stamp must be worn by the Visitor on his arm during the entire visit to the Park. A visitor who does not have a Stamp on his hand is not allowed to use the entertainment.
1.7. The Agreement is valid from the moment of its conclusion until the end of the same working day of the Park, regardless of what time of day the Agreement was concluded. The visitor has the right to use the entertainment in the Park only during the validity of the Agreement.
1.8. The Operator has the right to refuse to conclude the Agreement, as well as unilaterally terminate the Agreement, if the Visitor does not comply with any of the requirements of these Rules.
1.9. Persons who have not concluded the Agreement or upon termination of the Agreement do not have the right to use the Park's entertainment.
1.10. The obligations established in these Rules also apply to those persons who enter the territory of the Park or, for any reason, use the entertainment facilities in the Park without concluding the Agreement, improperly concluding the Agreement and/or after the expiration of the Agreement. Nevertheless, the person who does not enter into the Agreement acts at his own risk. Physical presence on the territory of the Park means familiarization with the Rules and acceptance of the provisions of the Rules.
1.11. Entertainment in the Park is allowed only after familiarization with these Rules.

  1. General safety rules
    2.1. The following amusements are available in the park:
    2.1.1. Downhill track with tire;
    2.1.2. A downhill course with a tire that ends with a springboard, falling into an inflatable trampoline;
    2.1.3. trampoline;

2.1.5. 5 units of inflatable trampolines, 2 units of water jelly.

2.1.6. Carousel "Train"

2.1.7. Carousel "Bees"

2.1.8. Carousel "Flying chairs"

2.1.9. Carousel "Balloons"

2.1.10. Carousel "Kangaroos"

2.1.11. Carousel "Ship"

2.1.12. Carousel "Observation Tower"

2.1.13. Carousel "Miami"

2.1.14. Carousel "Worm on rails"

2.1.15. Carousel "Horses"

2.1.16. Carousel "Animal Cars"

2.1.17. Carousel "Music express"

2.1.18. Laser wars (laser guns, headbands);

2.1.19. Pool with hand mined boats;

2.1.20. Pool with electric boats;

2.1.21. Electric machines;

2.1.22. Children's playground with small balls;

2.1.23. Children's slide;

2.2. Using all 2.1 of the Rules. Mr. listed entertainment, the following general safety rules apply to the Visitor:
2.2.1. Children under the age of 18 and persons with disabilities have the right to visit the Park only when accompanied by adult persons who supervise them, who together with the persons under their supervision are responsible for compliance with these Rules. One adult can accompany no more than 6 children at a time.
2.2.2. The visitor must comply with the verbal requirements and instructions of the Operator's employees and supervisors.
2.2.3. Park staff and employees are not considered persons accompanying and supervising minors in the context of these Rules. The employees and staff of the Park do not supervise minors, but supervise the general order in the Park and compliance with these Rules.
2.2.4. The Visitor must immediately notify the Park staff of any unfortunate event that occurred in the Park, as well as any observed inventory failure.
2.2.5. The visitor undertakes to follow the instructions of the Operator's staff regarding safety requirements and compliance with these Rules in the Park.
2.2.6. Due to technical obstacles, the use of certain services in the Amusement Park may be temporarily prohibited. In that case, the ticket price is not recalculated and the money is not returned to the visitor.
2.2.7. In case of any uncertainty, the Visitor must not take any action and immediately contact the nearest Park staff member, and in the absence of the Park staff member, ask the nearby Visitors to call the Park staff member. In case of any uncertainty, the Visitor has no right to take any action without the permission/instruction of the staff.
2.2.8. The visitor must behave in such a way that he does not pose a danger and does not cause harm to himself, those around him, and the Operator.
2.2.9. The visitor must get into the tire as directed by the staff member.
2.2.10. The visitor must be dressed in such clothing that does not interfere or pose a danger during entertainment.
2.3. The following are strictly prohibited in the park:
2.3.1. use the Park's services wearing inappropriate clothing (eg underwear) or not wearing any clothes; It is forbidden to carry objects that can fall out, as well as sharp objects during entertainment;
2.3.2. scream, whistle, confuse the Park staff by calling for help without reason, push, run (Visitor may slip and get injured);
2.3.3. to entertain under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances;
2.3.4. to entertain persons with health problems whose illnesses may be exacerbated by using the Park's entertainment (adrenaline, physical activity, etc.). The execution of this provision in relation to the Visitor under the age of 18 is ensured by the accompanying Visitor;
2.3.5. walk around the territory of a specific amusement, except for the use of that amusement, climb on the mechanism of attractions, climb structures or otherwise damage the inventory in the Park;
2.3.6. do natural things outside the toilet;
2.3.7. to leave children under 18 without adult supervision, to use entertainment for persons heavier than 120 kilograms and persons taller than 1.85 meters;
2.3.8. for minors under the age of 18 to consume and buy alcoholic beverages and smoke;
2.3.9. bring alcoholic beverages, as well as glass, breakable and sharp objects into the Park;
2.3.10. pushing, making noise, behaving rudely and disrespectfully, preventing other Visitors from using the Park's services;
2.4. It is strictly forbidden to visit the park:
2.4.1. persons suffering from infectious, viral or other contagious diseases, as well as persons with open wounds and/or other health disorders that may endanger the health and/or life of the person himself or other Visitors;
2.4.2. for persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances. The staff of the amusement park has the right to demand a person's drunkenness test (the maximum allowed rate is 0.4 per thousand) and to ask an intoxicated visitor out of the Park, without compensating the paid entrance fee;

2.4.3. taking into account the health condition of Visitors, persons with poor health (heart diseases, head injuries, various bone fractures, spinal fractures or other diseases related to a person's physical, mental or moral condition) must not use the attractions, as this may cause negative consequences;
2.5. The visitor has the right to:
2.5.1. require that the responsible employee of the Park familiarizes them with these Rules before the Visitor starts using the services provided by the Park;
2.5.2. to use the services of the Park only after paying the fee for visiting this Park or acquiring the right to use the services provided in the Park in other ways determined by the Operator.
2.6. The operator has the right to:
2.6.1. not to admit to the Park persons whose behavior may disturb the order of the Park, endanger the safety of other Visitors, the hygienic condition of the Park and/or contradict the norms of behavior accepted in society;
2.6.2. not to admit persons to the Park if they do not agree to comply with or do not understand these Rules;
2.6.3. change the list of services provided in the Park and/or their prices at any time without prior notice;
2.6.4. remove from the Park visitors who violate the Park rules or behave unsafely in the Park. In this case, the money will not be returned to the Visitors.

  1. Rules for using Park entertainment:
    3.1. Using all 2.1 of the Rules. Mr. listed entertainment, the Visitor must comply with the rules listed below.
    3.2. The visitor must familiarize himself with the warning signs located in the Park in advance and strictly follow them; If the visitor has any questions or uncertainties, he must contact the Operator's employee and ask for all the necessary information.
    3.3. Park entertainment can be used by people from the recommended age;

3.4. Only those persons who are familiar with the rules and strictly follow them have the right to use the park's entertainment.
3.5. Visitors are strictly prohibited from performing actions that are contrary to the Rules.
3.6. The visitor must be focused on the safe use of the Park inventory.
3.7. The Visitor has the right to have fun only in the designated areas and only when he is absolutely sure that there are no obstacles or other Visitors on his way or at the landing place, and only in this case, if the supervisor has given permission to use the fun.
3.8. The Visitor must keep a safe distance from the Visitors in front and avoid collision with other Visitors. It is strictly forbidden to bump into other Visitors. The Visitor is responsible for collisions with other Visitors and for the consequences of the collision, if he did not keep a safe distance or performed jumps and other movements without making sure that there are no obstacles or other Visitors in his path. It is prohibited to come to a complete stop and stand at the landing site, unless it is objectively unavoidable.
3.9. The visitor must choose the Park's entertainment according to his own skills and physical capacity.
3.10. The Visitor is fully responsible for his health and life, and is responsible for ensuring that the selected descent speed, movement trajectory, body position correspond to the Visitor's skill level and do not pose a threat to other Park Visitors.
3.11. The visitor is forbidden to put his hands or feet behind the handles or springs, carousel mechanisms, hang by hooking them or use them in other ways not according to their intended purpose.
3.12. The visitor must stop or leave the entertainment/attractions if he feels tired, injured, overheated in the sun or for other reasons doubts his strength or health.
3.13 There can be as many Visitors as there are seats on one entertainment at the same time.
3.14. The visitor must not have suffered neck injuries or traumas, not have heart problems or blood pressure disorders, not have strained or pulled tendons, not have suffered arm or shoulder fractures; no back, neck, bone or muscle injuries or problems and no other disorders.
3.15. The use of entertainment is prohibited for pregnant women.
3.16. It is forbidden to land on the head or in any other way that would endanger the health or life of the Visitor and other Visitors.

3.17. Children under the age of 18 can only be entertained under the continuous supervision of parents or other accompanying persons, who are fully responsible for the children, including, but not limited to, responsibility for the child and the property and non-property damage caused to the child, the health and safety of the child.
3.18. Before leaving a child under the age of 18 in the Amusement Park, the person responsible for him must sign a contract in which it is necessary to indicate the child's name, age, and phone number. The person responsible for the child guarantees that the information provided in the Agreement is correct and assumes full responsibility for providing incorrect information. Leaving a child in the Park is allowed only after the person responsible for the child has carefully familiarized himself with the Rules and confirmed with his signature that the child's health condition allows him to use the services provided by the Park.
3.19. Parents or other accompanying persons must ensure that children behave in such a way that they do not cause danger and harm to themselves and others.
3.20. The operator does not provide childcare services. The operator's employees generally supervise the order, but are not responsible for abandoned children.

  1. Visitor responsibility
    4.1. The Visitor is responsible for the damage and losses caused to third parties, their property or health or the Operator due to their actions or inaction. Their parents or guardians are responsible for the damage caused by minors, persons with disabilities.
    4.2. Parents, guardians or other accompanying adults of minors are responsible for introducing accompanying minors and persons with disabilities to the rules of the Amusement Park and for compliance with these rules.
    6.3. A visitor who has experienced property and/or non-property damage in the Park must immediately report this to any Park employee, specifying the place, time and circumstances of the incident. If the Visitor does not comply with this condition, later complaints will not be considered.
    4.3. If the Visitor does not comply with the requirements specified in the Rules, the Operator has the right to prohibit such Visitor from visiting the Park for a fixed or indefinite period, as well as to unilaterally terminate the Agreement.
    4.4. A visitor who has lost a Wristband does not have the right to use the Park's attractions.
  2. Operator's responsibility
    5.1. The operator is responsible for providing safe and quality entertainment in the Park.
    5.2. The Operator does not assume responsibility for accidents or losses and does not consider the Visitor's claims arising from the Visitor's violation of the provisions of the Rules or legal acts, the general obligation to act carefully and carefully.
    5.3. The operator is not responsible for lost, lost or otherwise unattended belongings of Visitors in the Park territory.
    5.4. Lankytojui Parke patyrus turtinę ir / ar neturtinę žalą dėl operatoriaus kaltės, Operatorius atsako LR įstatymų nustatyta tvarka.
  3. Recommendations for Visitors
    6.1. The Park administration recommends that Visitors planning to have fun in the Park make sure that their health condition allows them to use the services provided in the Park.
    6.2. Depending on the variety of entertainment in the Park, as well as the physical or mental condition of specific Visitors, certain entertainment may not be recommended for Visitors.
    6.3. Visitors who wear any type of glasses are recommended to use the services provided in the Park only after attaching the laces to the glasses.
    or be lost.

6.4. Recommendations related to the provision of specific services are set out in other sections of these Rules.

  1. Final Provisions
    7.1. The operator or the third parties used by him have the right to photograph, film or otherwise record the Visitor on the territory of the Park. All rights related to recording belong to the Operator. The Operator has the right to use the recorded material free of charge for marketing or other legal purposes.
    7.2. The Operator has the right to process the Visitor's personal data specified in the list of persons familiar with the Rules.
    7.3. Entertainment may not be organized due to bad weather conditions or other circumstances.
    7.4. By signing these Rules and using the services provided by the Park and the Operator, the Visitor agrees and voluntarily assumes full responsibility for the safety and health of himself and his dependents. The visitor confirms that he is aware that improper use of entertainment may cause risks to his health and safety or those under his care and that such risks can be reduced or completely eliminated by his own or those under his care's unconditional compliance with these rules and general norms of safe behavior.