Raubonii amusement park – this is a place surrounded by nature, where a lot of entertainment awaits you! The smallest and even the oldest visitors will find activities here. Every year, the amusement park tries to surprise visitors with new entertainment, to include new activities. This year 2024, the Amusement Park was filled with 3 new carousels, installed a water entertainment area, a mini golf course, and renovated the entire inflatable trampoline area!

There are 3 zones in our park:

  1. Amusement park - in this area you can visit the animals, pet them, and feed them special food purchased at the checkout. We also have a lot of entertainment in the Amusement Park, all of which are included in the price. You can swing, jump, run as much as your heart desires, so plan your trip for the whole day, because you can expect:
  • Even 11 carousels
  • Mini golf course. News! It will be open from July!
  • Electric machines
  • Electric boats in the pool
  • Fairytale train
  • Water amusement park. News! It will be open from July!
  • Face painting, animators
  • Foam show (scheduled dates)
  • Animal area
  1. Dinosaur park – a kilometer-long trail in the greenery of the forest, in the fresh air, where you will see as many as 40 different interactive, moving and sound-making animals! Roaring dinosaurs, menacing dragons and giant moving beetles will surprise your whole family! In the area of this park, there is a virtual cinema with VR glasses, which can be viewed for free by all visitors of the Dinosaur Park!
  2. Tarzan's Trail – rope courses installed in the trees, which only the most daring visitors of the park can overcome! Here you will find free abseiling, 4 routes of different difficulty that you can choose according to age, height and needs. This park is located in the territory of the Amusement Park, so tickets to this park can only be purchased by visitors of the Amusement Park!

There is also an outdoor cafe in the park, after entertainment or during a break, we invite you to stop by for lunch or sweet snacks, drinks, and ice cream. There are many benches and tables in the park area, so in nice summer weather you can create your family's "campsite" by choosing the most suitable place for you.