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Pursuant to the Law on Charity and Support and Personal Income Tax adopted by the Goverment of the Republic of Lithuania, the residents of Lithuania each year before 1 May. may submit a request to the Tax Inspectorate to transfer a part of its income tax (up to 2%) paid last year to the company or organization entitled to receive assistance under the Charity and Support Act (eg our park or other activities).

By deducting 2% of your personal income tax, you will not reduce your family budget because the funds would be deducted from your income tax already paid to you last year.

The support provided will be used to buy meal for animals. By May 1 each year it is possible to apply to the territorial office of the State Tax Inspectorate and request that the part of your paid income tax be transferred to the account of the "Raubonių Parkas".

The application can also be made online. On the website of the State Tax Inspectorate http://www.vmi.lt/ you will find the application form FR 0512 for this purpose.


Paramos gavėjas - Všį ,,RAUBONIŲ PARKAS"

Įmonės kodas - 304172178

Banko number - LT054010051004204965

Reg. adress. - Partizanų g. 61 - 806, Kaunas

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